About the Party Leader

Dennis ValentaDennis Valenta...

Dennis has run as an independent candidate in 5 elections, 3 federal and 2 provincial, all on the same basic principle that Family Law is in dire need of repair. He has now run once as the leader of the Equal Parenting Party.

Born and raised in St. Jacobs, he was taught the values of work hard, pay your own way in life, and enjoy the small portion that is left over. Without an extended formal education, he started driving truck at 18. He was married in 1984, and divorced with 4 children, 3 girls and a boy, in 2000. Here was the beginning of his education in Family Law.

With his ex-wife able to impede access to his children, he wasn't able to see them much, while their minds were poisoned against him. Even the family dog had it hard: banished to his ex-wife's garage rather than living in the family home. Meanwhile, the financial implications were staggering. Child support, alimony, and mortgage payments for the house he did not live in affected his work.

"Finances got so bad that I could not eat. That was a Sunday morning when I realized I would not be eating, pay day is on Friday. But I was up at 3 in the morning to go deliver doors down in Toronto. All day Monday, still nothing to eat. Tuesday morning, job or no job, I used company credit card to buy breakfast, I was hungry. That was when I decided that the way I was raised, did not work anymore. So I quit my job/paying child support. You see my children didn’t need my money, as they were living with her parents, who are well off (nothing wrong in of itself, to being well off) but they needed me, their father. After I quit, I was able to eat every day. It was just some basic survival thinking, that kicked in, that’s all. I figured if I starved to death, that would not be good for me, or our children!"

After a year off from driving, he was again invited back to the court by his ex - she wanted more money.

Now he just feels sorrow for his ex-wife. His anger is with the system that not only allowed this to happen, it encouraged it!

Every election cycle we listen to all the wonderful promises from the parties --- their election platforms. After winning an election, the backpedaling begins. Oh, they say, what a mess the last guys left us --- we'll have to wait until at least after the next election before we could actually begin to act on those promises. Did they ever have the intention of following those promises? Listen to the old adage "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

Having tried to get the current political parties to fix family law, Dennis has stopped banging his head against the proverbial brick wall and started his own party.

"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." [Edmund Burke]

Check out the rest of the site. We are the only party committed to what the courts are supposed to follow "The best interests of the children". With your help, and God’s Blessing, may we be successful, in changing how "Family Law" works in this Province!